Demystifying Common Myths About Vitamin Supplements.

Vitamin supplements are ideal when it comes to augmenting your nutrition. They are widely available in brick and mortar, and online stores, which makes them affordable especially when you use coupon codes during purchase. In order understand how they work, it is important to shed some light on some misconceptions associated to their use.

Some people are of the opinion that large mounts of Vitamin C as a result of supplementation can deplete other vitamins in the body. This position is untrue because studies have conclusively shown that there is a limit at which your body stops the vitamin's intake, which means that it cannot affect the levels of other vitamins. Another misconception about the vitamin involves flying in an airplane. There are people, who claim that this has the effect of reducing the vitamin's level in your body, which is untrue. Health and nutrition experts recommend an increased intake of the vitamin before a flight to supplement the body's mechanisms of fighting off coughs and other infectious diseases, which you can easily contract during a flight, but not because flying reduces the vitamin's level.

Large amounts of vitamin D due to supplementation have also been believed by some to reduce the amounts of other vitamins in the body, which is not true. Others believe that there is nothing that can deplete the vitamin's levels in the body. The truth is that, certain drugs have the effect of depleting the vitamin's level in the body, which is why it s important to consult a medical expert to get advice on supplementation before the use of certain medication to prevent problems in your bones. These drugs include anticonvulsants, antibiotics, laxatives, ulcer drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs an anti-inflammatory medication. If you are taking such drugs, it is important to note that your daily exposure to sunlight may not be enough to produce the vitamin, making supplementation necessary.

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Sugar intake has been thought by some to deplete the body's B vitamins levels. There is no proof of this opinion from the numerous medical studies conducted. promotion codes can be used to get the best vitamin supplements.

Many also believe that water intake after the intake of vitamin supplements affects the absorption of some vitamins. The opposite is true because high water intake in fact helps your kidneys to filter water soluble vitamins in a more efficient way when compared to when your water intake is low. When it comes to fat soluble vitamins, your intake of water has a nil effect on their absorption because this process is effective irrespective of the amount taken. Click here to get more info on supplements.

In conclusion, it is always advisable to get more info from a medical or nutritional specialist on vitamin supplements before arriving at baseless opinions on their use.